2020 — won

Photo at near sunset. Tree siloutetted. People as shadows standing near.

Expressing my feelings towards 2020 is tough.

Let me give it a go.

It’s been a year.

Time has stood still.

Time has marched forward.

I’ve been lucky, broadly. Also, I remain privileged.

Things have been done.

People have done things.

People have learnt things.

New adventures await, hopefully.

The world has burned, and continues to burn.

Bad people keep on getting good things.

Mediocre people stand by and do nothing.

Sycophants continue to carry favour.

The pernicious march continues.

Will 2021 be better? Perhaps.

Let us hope.

There are good people. There are good things.

Some people are awesome.

There is hope on the horizon.

Photo of London Bridge at dawn

New year, new cheer?

Where ever you are — do your best to be nice to yourself, please.



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